On June 30, 2002, I experienced the ultimate death hike. From 400' elevation to 3800' and back down, 18 miles round trip, in about 7 hours. The hike begins five miles south of hwy 680 & 84 junction, in Sunol Regional Wilderness and continues on into Ohlone Regional Wilderness.



A place called "Little Yosemite" on the way out, named because dramatic rocks resemble miniature versions of Yosemite features ... sort of.



Giant sycamores in a dry stream bed. I just thought they looked cool.



This landmark is called the "W Tree." Get it?



Here you leave the shady stream bed and make the fisrt big climb up to "Sky Camp".




Looking down on Sky Camp (that plateau in the left) where it is permissable to camp overnight with permit.

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