When Steve Bissette was still issuing Taboo he managed to get this major coverage for Taboo, and Habitrails in particular, in CBG.

The Comics Journal review of Habitrails, after the first collection was released in 1994.

Back when there were 3,000 comics books store in America, there was even a seperate CBG glossy magazine publication, Comic Book Retailer, which gave me this little write up in 1996.

Wizard magazine was king of the comic book speculator nonsense back then. A competitor magazine, Fan, ran this feature on me, also in 1996, when I was promoting the new edition of Habitrails. Interesting references to the Father & Son #5 that I never published (repackaged later in the 1998 Special), and the Habitrails sequel that was only notes and was abandoned before I drew any of it (portions of it became the Dover Epilogue in 2015).

I went very aggressivly after the book store market in 1996-1997, as a possible way out of the shrinking comic book distribution market. I only netted one bona-fide distributor who promoted Bad Habit: Oakland CA's BookPeople. They managed to sell only about 75 copies before cancelling the arrangement. Here is the one catalog I was mentioned in.

I managed to get a fair amount of alternative newspaper coverage, both locally and around the country, from the second edition of Habitrails. This example is from the Sonoma County Independent. More of these can be seen in the references section of my Wikipedia page.