Here is my very first Ultra Klutz ad created for fanzines, the original art for which has survived all these years. Note the reference to other projects which I was excited about at the time. They were never published!

Listing in the reigning fan news zine of the day, Fandom Times, of the debut of UK&OT #1.

More Fandom Times coverage, again with lots of excitement about things I was working on. More reference to things that were never published by the people I submitted them to, and ending up getting printed in the Ultra Klutz zine or the monthly comic in 1986-1988.

I also did a lot of advertising in the Comics Buyer's Guide, after observing the success of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seemed to be based in part on ads and editorial coverage in that newspaper. These originals in my scrapbook are getting seriously yellowed, so bear with the scan quality which I have tried to clean as much as possible in Photoshop.

I got a few brief reviews in the CBG, but it was small press zines like Sensawuna that had much more in-depth and encouraging coverage. This example is one of many that gave Ultra Klutz a lot of great press.

Small Press Comics Explosion coverage of Ultra Klutz gaining mainstream distribution while still in the zine format.

Another CBG ad for the fifth and final issue of the original zine.

Nice little CBG write up on the graduation from zine to comics distribution.